Topic: Labor

  • How Arizona teachers got from A to Z

    A rank-and-file educators group in Arizona led a statewide strike within months of forming. What can we learn from their success?

  • UVM nurses are sick of understaffing

    Hundreds of people turned out for a march by UVM Medical Center nurses who are fighting for a contract that meets their needs.

  • Showing UC who makes the university run

    Some of the lowest-paid workers at the University of California sent a powerful message with a three-day, statewide strike.

  • Organizing the unity that teachers need in N.C.

    Two North Carolina educators discuss how today's one-day work stoppage was built and how to seize the moment and fight for more.

  • Working in for graduate educators at UW

    Graduate educators at UW are fighting for a university that doesn't try to leech money from students while paying workers less.

  • Whatever it takes, as long as it takes, at UVM

    Nurses at University of Vermont Medical Center are fighting for a contract that gives them--and their patients--what they need.

  • Why North Carolina teachers are walking out

    Three North Carolina educators explain how and why the red state teacher rebellion is coming next week to the Tar Heel State.

  • Paying cops to confront the nurses' union

    Management paid a local police department to challenge union nurses during a lockout at a hospital in western Massachusetts.

  • UC unions unite to strike for respect

    Some 53,000 workers across the University of California system will strike this week to demand fair wages and benefits and respect on the job.

  • Solidarity with the teachers fighting for dignity

    Unionists in Quebec declare their support for the struggle of U.S. educators fighting for respect and recognition of their work.

  • Escuelas enseñando a luchar

    En marzo, las escuelas estadounidenses se convirtieron en el epicentro de protestas con lecciones para construir una resistencia más poderosa.

  • The "subterranean fire" is blazing this May Day

    It's the best way to celebrate International Workers' Day: With strikes and protests by educators, in the best traditions of solidarity and struggle.

  • Inside Arizona's #RedForEd uprising

    More 75,000 marchers formed a river of red in the streets of Phoenix on the first day of a walkout by educators that will continue into this week.

  • Taking solidarity to new heights in Colorado

    Teachers in Colorado took part in two days of protests that shut down schools to fight for improved funding and a livable wage.

  • Portland fast-food workers win a union

    After a successful union vote, the Burgerville Workers Union is the first federally recognized union in the fast food industry.

  • The teachers' revolt strikes in the Southwest

    With Arizona teachers launching walkouts over salaries and school funding, a former teacher talks about the conditions that led to this fight.

  • A strike against Ivy League arrogance

    Supposedly liberal Columbia University is lining up with the Trump administration to deny its graduate workers a union contract.

  • Learning lessons from the Oklahoma walkouts

    Teachers in Oklahoma won a $6,000 raise by standing strong, but their walkouts ended with dissension and confusion after union leaders retreated.

  • Another walkout by Baystate nurses

    Staffing is a major issue at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, where the Massachusetts Nurses Association held a one-day strike.

  • What road will lead Kentucky teachers forward?

    Teachers sent a loud and proud message at Capitol protests, but there are questions to answer about the shape of future organizing.

  • Colorado teachers descend on the capital

    Hundreds of educators walked out of schools and rallied in Denver to protests devastating cuts to the public employees pension fund.

  • Who's afraid of the Arizona teachers?

    School "walk-ins" across Arizona are the latest actions of a movement that has won concessions from the governor--but teachers say they aren't done.

  • How the Arizona teachers got organized

    Three teachers talk about conditions in Arizona--and how they joined got involved in organizing to get something done about it.

  • UC workers are fighting for respect

    Here's what custodians and services workers for the University of California system are demanding as they hold a strike vote.

  • Where will the struggle lead Kentucky teachers?

    Kentucky teachers are continuing a difficult fight in a Republican-dominated state, but something crucial has already been gained.