Topic: Labor

  • AT&T workers take a big step by walking out

    Workers at AT&T Mobility picketed stores across the country during a three-day strike and learned fighting lessons for the future.

  • AT&T workers prepare for a three-day strike

    Some 40,000 CWA members in 36 states could hit the picket lines Friday in a battle over wages, incentive pay and outsourcing.

  • Grand theft workers' wages

    A new report reveals widespread wage theft in the U.S., highlighting one of the many ways companies make profits off workers.

  • New School, same old union-busting

    The New School, a private college in New York with a progressive reputation, is trying to block student workers from unionizing.

  • Let Sarah teach

    A Chicago special education teacher and determined activist has been plucked out of the classroom over a bogus accusation.

  • A fighter against the Teamsters old guard

    The Teamsters Local 705 leader came from a generation that took on the mob in the union--but he ended up on Hoffa's side.

  • Tufts nurses are ready to fight

    Nurses at Tufts Medical Center in Boston are sending a message to management to stop stalling on contract talks.

  • The strike that challenged a giant and won

    On the anniversary of a strike against Verizon, two workers discuss the importance of their victory and the lessons it holds for organizing in the Trump era.

  • Hey Rauner, do your job!

    Some 1,500 Illinois state workers and their supporters picketed a fundraiser for Gov. Bruce Rauner to demand that he negotiate.

  • When will it be time for labor to fight?

    I feel that we are in a unique moment where the anger at neoliberalism and Trump has gained a mass expression in our unions.

  • CPE1's principal has to go

    Parents have banded together with teachers at a public elementary school in New York City to demand a change in leadership.

  • The UAW takes aim at Nissan

    A United Auto Workers organizing drive in Mississippi has showed a militant spirit, but will it succeed where others fell short?

  • Yes, they can find a way to respect nurses

    At the University of Missouri Hospital, there's money for ad campaigns, but nothing for the people who do the work.

  • Rauner versus the people

    State workers in Illinois voted to authorize a strike in the face of harsh austerity measures pushed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

  • Tooth and nail against "right to work"

    Congress and the White House can carry through national "right to work" legislation. It will have to be fought tooth and nail.

  • The right's "right to work" onslaught

    With Republicans lawmakers buoyed after Trump's election, what will it take to push back against their war on unions?

  • What was Trumka doing in Trump Tower?

    One week before Donald Trump took office, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka paid a visit to the Trump Tower penthouse.

  • Just work harder for Democrats?

    At a union strategy conference in Illinois, AFSCME members were admonished for not putting more effort into a losing strategy.

  • Momentive strikers bring their message to NYC

    Striking workers at Momentive Performance Materials went to New York to rally at the offices of the company's hedge fund owner.

  • How postal workers removed the Staples

    The victory against U.S. Postal Service outsourcing to Staples is an important step forward in the struggle against privatization.

  • Who's afraid of the rank and file?

    Graduate student workers in a reform caucus argue that democratizing the United Auto Workers is a key to winning better contracts.

  • Guilty of grand theft overtime

    A judge's ruling denying overtime protection to 12 million workers signals what's to come under Trump--unless workers organize.

  • The beginning of the end for Hoffa?

    The recent election in the Teamsters union didn't unseat the old guard's James P. Hoffa, but it left him discredited and vulnerable.

  • Saving jobs one corporate bribe at a time?

    Trump's Carrier deal shows how he will pose as a defender of jobs--unless unions offer a way forward by fighting the bosses instead of bribing them.

  • Labor battles at Columbia University

    Faculty and grad workers at two Columbia University colleges are fighting for the protection only a strong union can provide.