Minneapolis against the Nazis

October 8, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS--More than 200 activists rallied October 3 in response to a demonstration at a local YWCA by four members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), a neo-Nazi organization. The NSM was protesting an anti-racism workshop being held at the YWCA.

The NSM's "goals" include the unification of all white people and their total separation from those they believe to be "inferior." Claiming to be the largest neo-Nazi party in America, they are involved in spreading hatred and racism throughout the United States.

Shortly after the NSM arrived, police appeared on the scene and formed a protective barrier around them. Although a few tomatoes and eggs were thrown, the counterprotest was nonviolent, and there were no arrests.

Surrounded by anti-racist activists, the members of the NSM chose to disband their demonstration after about 30 minutes and were escorted to their car by police, closely followed by the entire contingent of anti-racist protesters.

In recent years, the NSM and similar groups have been stepping up their organizing efforts. It is essential that they are opposed at every opportunity by those who believe in justice and equality. When neo-Nazis are allowed to gain a foothold, it puts our friends, neighbors and ourselves in danger.

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