Topic: Far right

  • This student was murdered by the alt-right

    Richard Collins would have graduated from college this month if not for a deadly attack that has everything to do with a rising climate of racism.

  • What will it take to stop the right in Berkeley?

    The right wing has focused its strategy for provocations and mobilizations on Berkeley. We have to respond with a strategy for large mobilizations.

  • The far right pollutes Boston Common

    As many as 300 far-right goons rallied in Boston, waving the banner of "free speech" as a cover for spreading their vile message.

  • We need mass mobilization and solidarity

    With the far right targeting Berkeley and its University of California campus, what strategy can help the left to respond?

  • The far right goes on a rampage in Berkeley

    This mobilization shows the physical threat that the racists represent--and the need to organize large numbers to oppose them.

  • What shut down Milo Yiannopoulos?

    Accurately describing protests and the effect of different tactics is needed to formulate a strategy for the new political period.

  • Making sense of what happened at Berkeley

    A participant in the protest against a far-right leader at UC Berkeley comments on some of the debates that have taken place since.

  • The right lashes out in Seattle

    The threat of the far right was thrown into sharp focus when an anti-racist was shot at a Seattle event featuring an "alt-right" leader.

  • What is Turning Point USA?

    This recently formed right-wing campus group says it wants a "dialogue," but what it really wants is to spread its bigoted ideas.

  • UC Davis takes on alt-right hate

    Student protesters at the University of California-Davis shut down a reactionary speaking event led by Milo Yiannopoulos.

  • How we made Montana Nazis back down

    Neo-Nazis canceled a planned armed march on Martin Luther King Day in Montana, after antiracists made their opposition clear.

  • Do comparisons to the 1930s help?

    The question of whether Trump's victory marks a triumph for fascism depends, as always, on the definition of fascism you use.

  • Confronting the far-right threat at Purdue

    When fascist flyers appeared on the campus of Purdue University, it spurred protests and a flurry of anti-racist organizing.

  • Scaring off the Klan in North Carolina

    At multiple demonstrations, anti-racists in North Carolina and Virginia turned out to oppose the racist hate of the Klan.

  • On the attack at an OSU anti-Trump protest

    At this time of such violence and fear, the only real recourse we have is in the coalition of people we can bring together.

  • The wave of bigotry isn't going unchallenged

    Threats and violence toward the victims of Trump's scapegoating are on the rise--but the hate is also being met head on by solidarity and support.

  • Coming out of the sewers for Trump?

    Whatever happens on Election Day, the left will have to confront the threat of a growing far right energized by the Trump campaign.

  • Banging on the doors of bigotry

    Several hundred DePaul University students disrupted a speech by a right-wing bigot--and showed how the left can confront hate.

  • Still whistling "Dixie"

    The kind of right-wing populism exemplified today by Donald Trump has a long history in post-Second World War America.

  • Trying to exploit rural anger

    A leader of the Rural Organizing Project in Oregon analyzes the politics of the occupiers who took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

  • Who does Malheur belong to?

    The armed occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge have the same disregard for the indigenous as the federal government.

  • Patriots versus the state?

    The armed occupation in eastern Oregon raises questions that are more important than the squabbling right-wingers at the heart of the standoff.

  • Seattle says: No Nazis here

    "Nazis out, refugees in" was the message of activists who came out to protest a Seattle march called by a far-right hate group.

  • Texans against the Nazis

    Anti-racist activists swarmed an anti-immigrant rally organized by the largest neo-Nazi organization in the U.S.

  • PSU activists won't be intimidated

    A right-wing blogger disrupted an activist meeting at Portland State University, but we won't let him shut us down.