• The right's hate won't go unopposed in Boston

    As right-wing forces organize for another hate-filled protest in Boston, it's crucial for anti-racist activists to unite in opposition.

  • Meeting terror with solidarity around the U.S.

    The right's deadly violence in Charlottesville sparked protests against the fascists and solidarity with the victims across the country.

  • Students dump a racist symbol

    South Burlington High School students faced a racist backlash in their fight to change the school's sports team name--but they won.

  • The right-wing rats and their ringleader

    The racists who turned out in Charlottesville want to inspire terror--and they are being aided in their cause by the president of the United States.

  • How New York subways got broke on purpose

    The starving of the transit system in the richest city in the world is as an indictment of a greedy and shortsighted ruling class.

  • No more Charlottesvilles

    We have to continue to unite the struggle against right-wing racists to stop them before they are able to kill again.

  • Minneapolis rallies around a bombed mosque

    More than 1,000 people turned out to show their support for a suburban Minneapolis mosque that was bombed earlier this month.

  • Maryland, oh my! Maryland

    With Confederate monuments coming down across the South, it's time that University of Maryland got rid of its racist song.

  • This is the time to unite and fight far-right terror

    Charlottesville ripped the mask off the right to reveal what we face--but the angry response shows the potential for mass protest to defeat this cancer.

  • White (House) supremacists

    If the far right has been emboldened to spew its bigotry, they have the racists of the Trump administration to thank for it.

  • Charlottesville is a call to action against fascism

    The far right's rally in Virginia exposed the deadly truth about the bigots nurtured under Trump, but their hate is being met by a wave of solidarity.

  • John Kelly is no "moderate"

    Don't expect Trump’s new chief of staff to bring "nuance" or "moderation" to the White House--he's a fanatical reactionary.

  • Capitalism doesn't give a flying f*#k

    Flying the so-called friendly skies these days is an expensive, cramped, unhealthy and abusive experience--and the free market system is to blame.

  • A team turns out to protest

    There is a pressing need for all of us to take a lead from the Bethesda Soccer Club and defend the rights of immigrants.

  • Their hidden power to cure a sick system

    Most debates about health care in the U.S. ignore the people who have the most power to change the system: nurses and other health care workers.

  • Black Sacramento under attack

    Developers have their eyes on Sacramento-- which has meant more police violence and higher rents for its most vulnerable residents.

  • ICE is guilty of the murder of Frank Fuentes

    The government's anti-immigrant assault that has caused so many cruelties led to the death of a young man trying to return to his home in the U.S.

  • Texans demand universal health care

    A protest planned against the Republicans' health care bill turned into a victory celebration and a call for Medicare for all.

  • Ten days that Mooched the world

    In his brief time in the spotlight, Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci told us a lot about how Donald Trump and his administration view democracy.

  • The ugly reasons Trump cheered cop violence

    To rapturous applause and peals of laughter from an audience of cops, Trump turned up the green light for police abuse and terror.

  • Another teen victim at Rikers Island

    The treatment of Pedro Hernandez by New York City's criminal justice system shows how little has changed despite calls for reform.

  • Wisconsin’s newest crusade against abortion

    A proposed bill would prohibit doctors at the University of Wisconsin from providing--or even learning how to provide--abortions.

  • #OutragedAndUnafraid in Texas

    Undocumented immigrants and supporters blocked traffic to protest a draconian Texas law in an effort to encourage resistance.

  • This anti-BDS bill is an assault on free speech

    Proposed legislation aimed at undermining the pro-Palestine movement would shred the U.S. Constitution in the process.

  • The Senate's sickening health care fiasco

    The Republicans have suffered a colossal failure on health care, but that doesn't mean the crisis of the Obamacare status quo is any less severe.