• Brazil rocked by the return of mass protest

    A Brazilian socialist explains the sources of the mass protests that turned the tide against the right--and what they mean for the future.

  • Danish workers need their fighting tradition

    Denmark's impressive history of working class organization and struggle needs to be revived to fight austerity and xenophobia.

  • We stand with the hunger strikers

    A U.S. solidarity organization joins workers across the world in standing with Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike.

  • Resistance in the face of a regime crackdown

    A U.S. author describes the state of fear she encountered on a visit to Turkey--and the continuing protests against the regime.

  • The Tories aren't invulnerable

    If Britain’s Labour Party mounts an activist campaign, it could be possible to turn the Tory tide, but we cannot be uncritical.

  • Are Zuma's days numbered?

    The faltering popularity of South African President Jacob Zuma has provoked mass protests and growing talk of impeachment.

  • Justice for Miriam Rodríguez

    Unionists, writers and academics protest the murder of a Mexican human rights activist and send solidarity to the ongoing struggle.

  • Venezuela at an impasse

    While there is little debate that Venezuela has spiraled into a deep crisis, who's to blame is a far more controversial question.

  • Human rights leader in Mexico assassinated

    The killing of a well-known opponent of state and drug-gang violence was designed to spread terror among those seeking justice.

  • Le Pen and the global far right threat

    Le Pen's campaign gave a frightening picture of modern fascism--and provides insight into the wider growth of the far right.

  • The hunger strikers need us to speak out

    One in four Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails is on a hunger strike, in defiance of all attempts to break their resistance.

  • No representative in this vote

    French socialists argue that the threat of the far right must be confronted by social struggle, not voting for neoliberalism.

  • Against Venezuela's authoritarian turn

    Venezuelan socialists set out the left's tasks in opposing the growing authoritarianism of the government and the schemes of the right.

  • The middle of the road to nowhere

    The frontrunner in France’s presidential election is a devoted neoliberal whose reign could give a further boost to the far right.

  • Fighting for freedom in the face of repression

    Palestinian activist Omar Barghouti and African American minister Nyle Fort held a dialogue on solidarity and resistance.

  • Anger erupts over Turkey's rigged referendum

    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed victory for his referendum to grab more power, but brazen fraud has led to continuing protests.

  • What can stop the Tories in Britain's election?

    A fighting left stance might not be enough for Labour to win the coming British vote, but it could change the shape of the debate.

  • Election fraud sparks protest in Serbia

    Serbia is being rocked by the biggest mass protests since the revolution that overthrew dictator Slobodan Milošević in 2000.

  • A crumbling political order in France's election

    The media celebration of Marine Le Pen's "defeat" in the presidential election's first round is both premature and shortsighted.

  • Where will France end up after the election?

    The main parties have been eclipsed in this election by the surge of a far-right candidate and an unexpected challenge from the left.

  • Why capitalism clings to fossil fuels

    A transition to renewable energy even makes sense for capitalism, but this is a system where sense doesn't count for much.

  • Has scandal caught up with Rio's ex-mayor?

    Brazil's ongoing corruption investigations may be closing in on one of the previously untainted faces of the 2016 Olympics.

  • The future of our university is at stake

    Students at the University of Puerto Rico are on strike against ruthless austerity and a debt crisis the island's residents didn't cause.

  • A new face on the old SPD?

    Martin Schulz of Germany's center-left SPD is claiming to represent a new direction, but there's less to him than meets the eye.

  • The roots of an attack in Stockholm

    A recent attack in Sweden says less about terrorism and more about a society in which immigrants are mistreated and alienated.